HireLynchburg is an initiative of the City of Lynchburg Office of Economic Development and Tourism.

It is the backbone of Goal 3 of the Blueprint for Opportunity, which is to support talent and in-demand skill development for Lynchburg industries. A diverse, highly-skilled workforce is an important asset for any community. HireLynchburg aims to provide skills training and pathways to job opportunities within the City’s target industry clusters.

Since the launch of the initial TechHire Lynchburg program in 2017, the need for skilled labor to fill our industry pipelines has remained dynamic, and the program has changed along with it. The demand for highly skilled workers is shared across industry sectors.

As part of the Blueprint for Opportunity strategic plan, and through the HireLynchburg initiative, the Office of Economic Development and Tourism is committed to leading through industry-focused training, in partnership with local anchor institutions and service providers.

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