Why Lynchburg’s People Are the City’s Greatest Resource

May 07, 2020

One of the many things that makes Lynchburg such a great place to live are the people who live here. Not only are they kind and hospitable, but they are also incredibly talented, passionate and ambitious. With small businesses popping up, established companies hiring local talent and a community that is continually pushing forward into the future, it’s no wonder people in Lynchburg are inspired to achieve success, settle down and build lives. This large and expanding talent pool is a part of what makes Lynchburg the opportunity-friendly city that it is.


Lynchburg boasts many institutions of higher learning, from trade schools and community colleges to four-year colleges and universities that are continuing to train gifted individuals with great potential.

  • Liberty University continues to expand in the community with an extensive selection of educational majors and plans, offering jobs and education to a large population of Lynchburg residents.
  • Central Virginia Community College offers affordable two-year education plans that help prepare students for successful careers.
  • University of Lynchburg offers four-year degrees in arts, sciences, education, leadership, business and more
  • Randolph College also offers four-year degrees in areas like education, science, engineering, language and sports.
  • Centra College of Nursing prepares students for high-demand jobs in the booming healthcare industry.

Lynchburg and several local businesses have also invested in the young people of the City by offering the Stay Close, Go Far Promise Program and Scholarship. This program offers financial support to high school graduates, empowering them to pursue higher education degrees and begin careers in the Lynchburg area. Our belief is that to grow a community, one must invest in the younger generations and assist them in reaching their potential.

Entrepreneurship and Creativity

Lynchburg is home to a thriving community of small business owners, business leaders and creatives. Opportunities abound for these individuals, including:

  • CO.STARTERS, an entrepreneurship class that occurs annually with a small group of potential business owners. Each student begins with an idea and by the end of nine weeks has formed that idea into a cohesive plan that is ready to be launched and marketed.
  • Create Virginia, a conference that unites creative people, encourages them to pursue their passions and equips them with knowledge and tools necessary to present their work to the public.
  • The Hire Lynchburg Initiative, which provides training programs and paths that aim to help Lynchburg residents get jobs that will fit their skills and needs.

Booming Industry

Many large and successful companies have home bases in Lynchburg, such as BWXT, Framatome, Frito Lay, CloudFit and Flowers Foods. These businesses and more are deeply invested in the Lynchburg community, offering jobs and opportunities for successful careers to Lynchburg residents. Lynchburg also has programs and incentives for business development that include land provision and financial assistance to organizations that seek to settle in Lynchburg. This promising future of business combined with a well-educated and skilled populace means a bright future for Lynchburg.

Local Leadership

Education, ambition, creativity and industry all lead to the development of leadership skills. The Millennial generation of Lynchburg has been a great example of this, becoming a vital and integral piece of the business community and society of Lynchburg. For five years in a row, Lynchburg has recognized a special group of young leaders known as “Millennials On the Move”, who are influential members of the community under the age of 40. This generation of leaders is rising rapidly through the ranks of their various fields and making decisions that are important to the future of this city. We look forward to seeing where these passionate and talented members of our community go and how they continue to help make Lynchburg a better place.

Of course, Millennials are just one group of influencers in the Lynchburg community. Many of Lynchburg’s current leaders, business owners and mentors have been in the Lynchburg area for years or even decades, raising their families, managing successful careers and passing on knowledge and skills to rising generations. It is on the foundation of their example that Lynchburg’s current growth is being built. In fact, community leaders of all ages are part of the “I Am Lynchburg” campaign, which helps promote Lynchburg and its bright future to potential new leaders, stakeholders and business owners.

Building For the Future

As Lynchburg looks to the future and increasingly becomes a place where people find jobs and settle, it’s important to local officials that the City accommodates and facilitates this growth. New housing developments for students and families alike are being constructed. Infrastructure improvements such as the Main Street renovation are continuing to progress as expediently as possible. And city officials are teaming up with local stakeholders, property managers and business leaders to determine what economic decisions are best for Lynchburg. This is an exciting time in Lynchburg history. We hope that the people of the community, who are this city’s greatest resource, will continue to join us in helping Lynchburg prosper by serving in the areas where their talents lie.

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