You Don’t Need A Four-Year Degree

August 15, 2017

The Lynchburg Beacon of Hope and The Region 2000 Workforce Development have partnered with Leadership Lynchburg for a series of videos. Together, we are raising awareness of rewarding jobs that don’t follow typical pathways of education. The Region 2000 Workforce Development’s mission is advancing a workforce to meet business and job seeker needs.

Lynchburg has many opportunities for job seekers, with multiple career pathways. Manufacturing, healthcare, or construction fields are providing a good foundation for the future, opportunities for great success, and a great starting salary. Many of the major career fields in Lynchburg may not require a four-year degree, and three quarters of the jobs in Central Virginia don’t require a four-year degree. Our success stories can show how starting a career without a four-year degree is possible.

Resources are available to those seeking job opportunities in these fields in Lynchburg. Whether it’s the Beacon of Hope high school future centers, the workforce investment board, or the workers who are training in the community, someone will be there helping through the process.

There are three major fields of work in Lynchburg: healthcare, manufacturing, and construction. All are great fields to work in that provide competitive pay without requiring a four-year degree.

  • The largest employment sector in the region, manufacturing, pays a median salary of $42,300. Employees can take the skills they have and become a electrician, machinist, or a welder.

“When you work with your hands, you make yourself valuable to somebody.” –Taylor Hughes

  • The fastest growing job fields in the area is Health Care. A nursing assistant can make a median salary of $22,000 and a registered nurse (with a bachelor’s degree) can make a median of $56,400.

“To be a nurse you have to have a very big heart.” –Autumn Litchford

  • The fastest growing employment sectors in the region is construction. A skilled worker can make a media salary of $37,200 and a construction manager can make a median salary of $87,200.

“It’s a long haul to get into the field, but one that you can be proud of.” –John Gallahan

How do you obtain a great job without a four year-degree?

Entering career fields without following a four-year degree plan or accruing student loan debt can take many forms

Examples Include:

  • A path to a career in manufacturing could include apprenticeships, vocational or technical schools, community college, certificate programs, or on the job training.
  • A path to a career in healthcare could include local high school programs, community colleges, technical schools, and hospital programs.
  • A path to a career in construction, could include community colleges, technical schools, and employee sponsored apprenticeships.

You have something significant to contribute to our city. Manufacturing, healthcare, and construction offer many great opportunities. If you would like to learn more view the success videos.

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