Incentives and Connections for Business Relocation

Our city prioritizes investments in business that provide immediate returns and long-term benefits for Lynchburg Citizens. Therefore, we partner with organizations interested in relocating to our region.

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Relocation Assistance

The City of Lynchburg offers many Local Incentives for businesses that contribute to our economy. Review our programs, grants, zones, and tax credits to see whether your business could benefit from moving here.

`The EDA curates a list of Available Properties, including both sites and buildings. Updated in real time, review the list to see where you could relocate your business.

Our frequent events and meetings focused on innovation and professional development links you to local opportunities. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the loop.

Local Resources

Utilize our Navigrid Download to discover which organizations, departments and programs can offer assistance. Below are several local resources that can help your business grow.

Other connections for relocation success include the various departments and organizations below:

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If you are considering a relocation to Lynchburg, you’ll definitely want to download a copy of our Relocation Guide. Inside we have detailed tips related to Lynchburg real estate, housing, and quality of life.


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