LYH is a quintessential Virginia city with a rich cultural character, a vital sense of the past, a welcoming attitude to visitors from near and far, and a wealth of industries that are defining growth in the cities of the future.
LYH Loves You.
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LYH Welcomes You

Meet the Hendersons, Family Owned Business of The Water Dog & The Glass House

Brothers and Co-Owners of The Water Dog and The Glass House, Dave & Chris Henderson are bringing revitalized energy to LYH.

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Visiting Lynchburg

There’s energy in LYH, a momentum that embraces new ideas. We make new without losing the old, repurposing and revitalizing. we are leaning into our future, recognizing the past and building community through our connections with one another. Visitors love our downtown architecture, dining, culture and historic neighborhoods—and find much more surprise and delight than they anticipated.

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LYH Is Home To You

Meet The Corbett's, Co-Founders of All Belong Co.

Amy and Marc Corbett, Co-Founders of All Belong Co. Air BnB services, and residents of the Daniel's Hill neighborhood in LYH.

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Living In Lynchburg

LYH has the energy and determination of a city that's repurposing, revitalizing, refinding and redefining itself, moving purposely and mindfully into the future. We're yearning to build an inclusive and dynamic future and doing the work to make it happen.

Top Reasons to Move to LYH

LYH Employs You

Carroll Moon, Chief Technology Officer for CloudFit

Carroll Moon, who was born and raised here, isn’t surprised that so many of his colleagues choose to make Lynchburg their home. “The cost of living is great. People are kind and family-oriented. The city is not too big, and not too small. And it’s beautiful here,” he says.

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Working In Lynchburg

We’re good at many things, and we work incessantly to hone our skills in preparation for the needs of the future, whether in advanced manufacturing or mindful shopkeeping. We support and celebrate our entrepreneurs and startups, our curious and ambitious young people, making work rewarding and exciting. We’re going one way, and it’s forward, and we’re bringing everyone with us; we’re committed to building a better city and a better home for the dreams of the future.

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LYH Believes In You

Meet Seiya Nomura, University of Lynchburg Student

Seiya completed his undergraduate degree in Communications at the University of Lynchburg and is currently working on a Masters in Educational Leadership. Seiya works in the University's Office of Multicultural Services as well as with Interfaith Outreach Association in Downtown Lynchburg.

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Education in LYH

By actively working to make public schools better, engaging with our five universities and longstanding organizations, attracting new businesses, and making opportunity part of the conversation of everyday life, LYH is not only inspired by the enterprise of its founder but is upskilling, retooling, and getting ready for what’s next.

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