Holiday Maker Series: Evergreen Centerpiece

December 19, 2016

With Barker Restoration

Celebrate the season with a homemade evergreen centerpiece. While this can be created with live or artificial branches, the options for personalization are endless. Kortnei Barker, of Barker Restoration shows how to make an inexpensive, yet custom, evergreen centerpiece for your holiday home.



Materials Needed

  • Christmas Tree Trimmings
  • A charger or plate
  • Floral ring or foam wreath
  • Christmas Berries in red, gold, and white
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun and sticks
  • Pillar candle



  1. Start by hot gluing your floral ring or wreath to the charger, make sure it is in the middle.
  2. Next take your trimmings and cut 6-8 pieces about 6in long for the bottom. Begin sticking them in the bottom and around the base about 4-5 inches apart like a circle. Hot glue those pieces down and around the base.
  3. Now cut off pieces of trimming from your branches that are little to medium length to cover the rest. Starting just above the first layer, begin sticking trimmings around the base, work your way around and around and around layering as much as you can. Be sure to cover all of your floral ring!
  4. Once you have good coverage, peel berries off of the branch. They all come with wires and if you pull down they will come off in sections with wire. Sprinkle glitter, add some glittery branches, or attach bows as desired. Stick a candle in the middle and you are finished!


  • You can find these for free at Lowes or Home Depot or you may purchase evergreen branches at Michaels.
  • Glue down trimmings that look out of place or that are too big.
  • Leave the middle untouched so that you have room for the candle and candle dish.
  • If you use real Christmas tree trimmings make sure to mist it everyday with water so that it will keep all holiday season!
  • You can do this with any season! Use boxwood branches with Daisy’s for the spring and summer!  🙂


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