What You Need to Know About Lynchburg’s Sister Cities

February 20, 2019


Sister cities are social agreements between towns, cities, counties, prefectures, etc. that work to promote cultural and commercial ties. For Lynchburg, there are two of those such partnerships that exist across the globe—Rueil-Malmaison, France, and Glauchau, Germany.

Rueil-Malmaison was the first city to be established as Lynchburg’s sister city in 1996. Lynchburg’s strong business ties with France, specifically in the nuclear and engineering industries, made a city in France a natural fit as a sister city.

About Rueil-Malmaison

Rueil-Malmaison is a commune in the western suburbs of Paris, located just 8 miles from the center of Paris. As part of the Sister City partnership with Rueil-Malmaison, French delegation have visited Lynchburg and Lynchburg delegation—including Lynchburg firefighters—have done the same.

Plus, during times of turmoil or crisis, the two cities have come together in support of one another. For example, after the 2015 Paris terrorist attacks, a vigil was held at Monument Terrace. The vigil was filmed and a copy sent to the Rueil-Malmaison community for viewing.

The relationship began in 1995, when a delegation from Rueil-Malmaison was invited to Lynchburg. They were incredibly impressed with the Central Virginia area, and Lynchburg in particular, specifically citing the hospitality and warm welcome given to them. Just a few months later, a group from Lynchburg returned the visit and the commitment as a sister city was made. The commitment was solidified in July of 1996 when 150 Lynchburg residents—representing the arts, education, religion, businesses and government—traveled to France.

About Glauchau

Glauchau is a town in Saxony, Germany, on the right bank of the Mulde river.

After seeing the success of the sister city program in France, other partnerships began being explored. After discussions with four possible cities, Glauchau was identified as a great opportunity.

A delegation from Lynchburg visited Glauchau in 2004, with other visits following between the two cities shortly after. On April 30, 2007, the official commitment of city sistership was determined.

Several exchange student partnerships have taken place between Lynchburg and Glauchau high school students, and numerous visits have taken place among Lynchburg and Glauchau delegation in the last few years.

For more information on the Lynchburg Sister City program and the cities we are partnered with, visit Lynchburg Sister City-Plus.

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