TechHire Lynchburg is a business retention program of the Office of Economic Development. For years, Lynchburg’s employers have shared that finding qualified talent to fill their open jobs is the most significant challenge to doing business in Lynchburg. The aim of TechHire is to place Lynchburg citizens who are willing and able to work in middle and high skill jobs.

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The model for Lynchburg’s TechHire program is simple: The TechHire team identifies willing and able Lynchburg job seekers, gets to know their aptitude and interests, and matches them with a full-time job at a local employer.

 Based on regional economic data, we know that a skills gap exists between Lynchburg’s workers and the open jobs that exist in Lynchburg’s middle and high skill industries. While job seekers may be willing and able to learn a new skill quickly, their applications do not make it through the traditional online hiring systems for employers. They are screened out due to a lack of education, experience, or relevant training.

Rather than evaluating a candidate for an open job simply by their resume, TechHire gives employers the opportunity to meet non-traditional candidates who could become a valuable and productive employee with 6-8 weeks of training. 


Hear From Recent TechHire Graduates

John Stone Lynchburg EDA Staff Member
Shawn Witcher

“TechHire put me with an employer that allowed me to learn on the job. I got a chance to prove myself in a position where I probably wouldn’t have been seen as a serious candidate.”

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