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Lynchburg is home to a diverse and dynamic community that has seen remarkable growth over the last decade, fueled in part by our higher education and energy sectors.  As our population has grown and diversified, so too has our economy, with expansion in emerging sectors, rise in employment opportunities, and an attendant increase in wages and personal income.

Population: Lynchburg City & MSA (2010 Census)
City of Lynchburg 75,568
Lynchburg Metro 252,634



Age, Gender & Race in Lynchburg
Median Age 30.0 years
Male Population (% of total) 35,474 (46.9%)
Female Populations (% of total)                40,094 (53.1%)
White 48,674
Black 22,140
Hispanic (of any race) 2,300
Asian 1,868
Two or More Races 1,662
Other 950
American Indian 237
Pacific Islander 37
Total 75,568



Labor Force & Labor Participation Rate
Lynchburg Workforce Participation (% of Population)                35,233 (59.8%)
Metro Area Workforce Participation (% of Population) 91,832 (63.8%)
Total Workforce 127,065



The diversity of industry and employment in Lynchburg supports a dynamic labor market with a variety of employment opportunities and a broad range of wage rates. 

Median Household Income $39,381
Per Capita Income in Past 12 Months (Lynchburg) $21,236
Per Capita Personal Income (Lynchburg MSA) $36,237


Sample of Prevailing Hourly Wages by Occupation
Construction Laborers $9.50
Office Clerks, General $11.20
Customer Service Representatives $12.90
Truck Drivers $15.15
Maintenance and Repair Workers, General                 $17.22
Licensed Practical Nurses $18.18
Machinists $20.10
Elementary School Teachers $20.57
First-Line Supervisors $25.96
General and Operations Managers $39.37


Gross Regional Product & Aggregate Economic Activity
Gross Regional Product $8,740,000,000
Manufacturer’s Shipments $2,801,602,000
Retail Sales $1,665,130,000
Retail Sales Per Capita $23,171
Hospitality & Food Service Sales $189,000,000



Sources: U.S. Census Bureau, Virginia Employment Commission, U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis

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