Perfectly Situated for Prosperity

Since its founding as a ferry crossing along the James River, Lynchburg has served as Central Virginia’s hub of commerce and industry. The aptly named City of Opportunity sits at the confluence of arterial highways and railroads connecting interior resources with coastal ports, and this distinction once made Lynchburg the second wealthiest city in America. The same national—and global—connectivity defines Lynchburg today.

Sited near the geographic center of the Commonwealth, Lynchburg is the heart of Central Virginia and the principal locality in the area, contributing to the city’s status as the economic hub of the region. Along with Lynchburg’s prime location is its pristine environment, nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and bounded by the James River.

The state capital of Richmond is a short drive to the east, Washington, D.C. is a quick train ride or drive to the north, and the major east coast shipping hub, the Port of Hampton Roads, can be reached in a matter of hours by rail or road.


Transportation Resources

Lynchburg is the confluence of major arterial highways and multiple national rail networks, with several interstates in the greater region. The city also enjoys an airport with regional jet service continuing to major international destinations, excellent public transportation and the nation’s second best performing passenger train with daily commuter trips to D.C.

4-Lane Arterial Highways
Route Distance
U.S. 29 North-South
U.S. 221 North-South
U.S. 460 East-West
U.S. 501 North-South


Route Distance
I-81 55 miles
I-64 65 miles


Air Service
Commercial Air Service
Lynchburg Regional Airport
U.S. Airways Jet Service to International Hub
General Aviation Service
Lynchburg Regional Airport
Multiple FBOs
Falwell Airport
Runway Length: 2,900 ft


Freight & Passenger Rail Service
Freight Rail
CSX Transportation
Norfolk Southern Railway Company
Passenger Rail
The Northeast Regional Line daily roundtrip commuter to Washington, D.C.
The Crescent Line with destinations north to New York, south to New Orleans


Public Transportation
Greater Lynchburg Transit Company
16 Routes Covering 50 Square Miles
BioDiesel-Fueled Fleet
Para-Transit Services
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