Great American Takeout Day Helps Local Restaurants During COVID-19 Crisis

April 03, 2020

The COVID-19 crisis has without a doubt been challenging for the economy and small businesses. But many restaurants are rallying to meet this challenge, restructuring and adapting to meet the needs of their customers and employees while also staying healthy and following social distancing regulations. These restaurants have been able to find local support through initiatives such as a recent national restaurant initiative, the Great American Takeout Day. Restaurant owners hope to keep this momentum up to combat the economic downturn that the pandemic has caused.

Takeout Tuesday

Great American Takeout Day took place March 24. It was a rousing success in Lynchburg and across the country, due in part to social media promotion from restaurant owners and food lovers alike. And with so many restaurants offering takeout and even delivery services during this time of social distancing, it’s never been easier or more convenient to order a good meal from the comfort of your home or vehicle.

The Lynchburg Restaurant Owners Coalition particularly appreciated Great American Takeout Day. They had united to promote this holiday through social media and word of mouth so people in the community would be aware of and able to respond to it. It was a huge success, and these leaders and their businesses are grateful for the support they received from the Lynchburg community. Members of the Coalition, such as Dave Henderson of Downtown Lynchburg’s The Water Dog, want to raise awareness of how important small local restaurants are to the economy and how they have been affected by the pandemic. Now, because of the success of Great American Takeout Day, they are eager to keep this level of awareness going. They will be encouraging the community to continue celebrating Takeout Day every Tuesday.

Lynchburg, Eat Local

Everyone has experienced a change in lifestyle and work habits as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and some are more impacted than others. Small businesses provide a paycheck and livelihood for many in the community, so just the simple act of ordering take-out could make a huge difference in these folk’s lives. And while social distancing mandates limit the public’s ability to eat out as often as usual, Lynchburg leaders and residents alike can still do their part by using the restructured ordering systems that many of these local restaurants have implemented. Let’s come together during these challenging times and help our community stay strong!

Lynchburg has no shortage of local restaurants that can benefit from local patronage during this time. Supporting them will help their business and will bolster the Lynchburg economy as a whole while we wait out this pandemic together. Join us as we take this unique opportunity to shop small and make a difference in Lynchburg!

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