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How the Wireless Communications and Electronics Industry is Making an Impact in Lynchburg
Posted By carrot on June 27, 2019
The wireless communications industry is the 24th largest economy in the world, and is only projected to grow as technology advances. In the U.S. alone, the sector contributes $475 billion…
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The Future of Nuclear Technology in Lynchburg
Posted By carrot on May 23, 2019
Over the past several decades, Lynchburg has been positioned as one of the largest hubs for nuclear technology. Currently, two major nuclear technology companies, BWX Technologies (BWXT) and Framatome are…
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What You Need to Know About Lynchburg’s Sister Cities
Posted By carrot on February 20, 2019
   Sister cities are social agreements between towns, cities, counties, prefectures, etc. that work to promote cultural and commercial ties. For Lynchburg, there are two of those such partnerships that…
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A Regional Artist and Makers Conference Takes the Stage in Lynchburg
Posted By carrot on February 07, 2019
Creative communities are integral components to any city. When artists and makers feel supported and are given the opportunity to thrive, the aesthetics of a city aren’t the only thing…
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Virginia Tourism Corporation Releases Positive Numbers for Lynchburg
Posted By carrot on October 05, 2018
The Virginia Tourism Corporation recently announced their 2017 tourism revenue statistics for the Commonwealth, which provided positive insight into the growth the City of Lynchburg has seen. This report, which…
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Op-Ed: A Blueprint for Opportunity, Building Tomorrow’s City of Lynchburg
Posted By carrot on September 17, 2018
The City of Lynchburg has a bright future, but its blueprint for economic prosperity is shifting. While the industrial economy of yesterday relied on raw materials and manufacturing skills, today’s…
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Scholarships Being Offered to All Lynchburg City School Seniors
Posted By carrot on September 12, 2018
There’s now even more reason to love and live in Lynchburg, Virginia. Starting with the Class of 2019, all seniors who attend Lynchburg City Schools will have an opportunity for…
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Virginia Enterprise Zone Program Deadline—April 2nd
Posted By carrot on March 01, 2018
If you were unable to attend the workshop on February 6th, please feel free to download the presentation below. Topics of interest to business owners and developers include: (more…)
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Important Updates to Real Estate Rehab Program
Posted By carrot on January 15, 2018
Recently, The City of Lynchburg made important updates to the Real Estate Rehabilitation Program. The new updated version of the program takes effect on January 1, 2018 and will apply…
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Why Artisans and Organizations Need to Attend Create Lynchburg
Posted By carrot on January 03, 2018
Ready to turn your creative idea into a thriving business? If you are a local artist or maker with a desire to start a creative business, then Create Lynchburg is…
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